Frequently Asked Questions



If I am hired, how do I sign up to work?
An event schedule listing work opportunities is posted on our website. All event registration (sign up to work) is conducted by walking vendors online. You will receive instructions and a password.
What type of training will be provided?
If you’re selling alcoholic beverages, you will be required to complete an approved training program for servers of alcoholic beverages. Other training will be provided during the Orientation and on the job while you work as an apprentice under the guidance of managers, event staff, and experienced vendors.
Where can I work?
In addition to working at the local events for which you are hired, you may be able to work in other Rocket Man facilities. For example, vendors travel from 20 states to work at the Kentucky Derby each year. In general, vendors are responsible for their own travel expenses.
When and how do I get paid?

Employees will be paid through direct deposit into a bank account or VISA Debit Card according to the following schedule:

Date of Event
Direct Deposit

1st – 15th Day

16th – 31st Day

30th Day

15th Day

Where and how do I obtain information, such as event schedule, compensation, parking instructions, and other details?
All event instructions can be viewed on our website prior to an event.